Save energy; save money with a new ductless heat pump


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Save energy; save money with a new ductless heat pump.

Tacoma Power offers rebates and loans to help you heat and cool your home with a ductless heat pump.

You can get an $800 rebate or a seven-year, zero-interest loan toward the cost of a ductless heat pump and basic installation. Income-qualified customers may be eligible for a grant that pays for the whole thing.

Why ductless?

A ductless heat pump can replace, or significantly reduce the need for, electric baseboard and wall heaters. A ductless heat pump can help you in these ways:

1. Uses up to 50% less energy and operates at a fraction of the cost.

2. Doesn’t require a duct system, so your home needs only one for heating and cooling.

3. Distributes air evenly to keep the temperature uniform.

4. You may not need to use baseboard or wall heaters as often in outlying rooms, such as bedrooms, which will save money.

5. Participating contractors will ensure your heat pump is correctly installed and help with the paperwork.

Check out a ductless heat pump display in the Tacoma Public Utilities lobby or a working unit at the EnviroHouse, 3510 S. Mullen St., Tacoma.


You can participate in the ductless heat pump program if:

  • You are a Tacoma Power customer.
  • You install the ductless heat pump in a single-family home that is at least one year old. New construction, multi-family and manufactured homes are ineligible.
  • The home has baseboard heating, Cadet/wall heaters or other electric heat system for primary heat. Homes with central forced air, hydronic or ducted heat pump system are ineligible.

Download the program form for additional requirements. Call (253) 502-8377 for more info.

$1,200 Ductless Heat Pump Rebate

Program: Energy Utility

Provider: Puget Sound Energy

Category: Heat Pumps

More Info:
Incentive Details Online

Equipment must be AHRI certified, use inverter technology and be a minimum of 1.0 ton

Must use electric resistance heat as primary heating source which includes electric zonal (baseboard, cable, wall heater), electric hydronic or electric forced-air furnace

Must install at least one unit in the main living area of the home. Equipment only installed in a bedroom is not eligible

Cannot have an existing heat pump or natural gas service, even if only used for cooking

Puget Sound Home Energy-Efficiency Rebate Program

$1,500 Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System Rebate

Program: Energy Utility

Provider: Mason County

Category: Heat Pumps

More Info:
Incentive Details Online

Only pre-existing baseboard or electric wall heat qualifies.

Pre-approval required.

Mason County PUD 3 - Appliance Rebate Program

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